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Today, clinical research is not limited to just one region of the world. It is essential to obtain data from various regions – including Europe – for most pivotal studies. Marketing authorizations in general are obtained much easier if data from various geographical regions are available. Europe also presents a unique landscape for drug and medical device development, since it spans more than 50 countries and has a population of approximately 750 million. Running a clinical trial in Europe may also be associated with preparing the ground for marketing your substance or device there at a later stage, since key opinion leaders will already know the benefits of your product when it becomes available.

As for medical devices, these are frequently first placed onto the market in Europe, even if the manufacturer is based outside of Europe. Quite often, US FDA clearance runs much smoother when the product bears a CE mark and has been on the market in Europe for some time.

You can face the challenges of running studies on a global scale together with MEDICRO. We are based in Central Europe, in Germany, one of the largest markets for both the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. We work in the right time zone for all European countries and are flexible enough to collaborate with you at times feasible for you and our time zone.

Get in touch with us, we can support you with our knowhow about Europe regarding

  • different research landscapes
  • cultural diversity
  • European regulations and local regulations in European countries (including, but not limited to Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

To best support you and your requirements, we are able to deliver individual services or conduct your whole study.

Our services for human drug and medical device studies include:

  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Study Start-up
  • Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Medical Writing
  • Project Rescue

All these services can be offered on inclusive terms to help you budget your study. Contact us for a nonbinding quote.


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